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FAQs For Keystone Restorations

When will it be safe to enter my home?
Only a professional fire fighter or other disaster expert on the scene can determine when you can re-enter your home. We know you will want to retrieve plants, undamaged personal items, valuables and precious possessions, be in communication with us or your insurance carriers contact person.

Can I tell the insurance adjuster that I want Keystone Restorations to do the repair work?
Yes, you choose who you want working for you. You will need to inform the insurance adjuster what restoration company you choose. We will then start to work closely with you and your insurance company.

Can we get rid of all the burn & smoke smell after a fire?
Yes, we will come in and pack out all your belongings taking them back to our warehouse where they will be cleaned and deodorized. We will then proceed to do the cleaning and deodorizing of your home.

What can I expect my insurance adjuster to do for me exactly?
They will work closely with Keystone to make sure that we get an agreed estimate on repairs and keep things moving along as rapidly as possible.

What is the best way to get what I deserve from my insurance company?
In our opinion, it is always best to listen carefully to your adjuster, and let them make their own assessment of your damages, along with a Certified Restoration Company.

Do I have to pay my deductible?
Yes, your deductible is per occurrence and will be due on every claim you make.

What if it ends up costing more than the estimate?

During the restoration if there is any cost increases they will be brought to your attention, and a decision between you and Keystone will need to be made.

Are you and your subcontractors licensed?
Yes, we and all of our subcontractors are insured to a limit greater than that required by the state. All insurance companies we represent require liability coverage.

What insurance do you and the subcontractors carry?
We carry liability insurance that protects you from any damage that may occur during our work on your property.

What permits are required and do we have to handle that?
In most cases, securing permits is the contractors responsibility.

Do you warrant your work?
Yes, our warranty is at least three years.

Do you have any before and after photos of past projects?

We have many before and after photos of our work available on our projects page, and in our office.

For the repair work, do I get an estimate from Keystone Restorations or the insurance company?
Often your adjuster will call on Keystone as the repair expert to come out to your site, assess everything and do a complete and detailed estimate.

How do I know I will get high quality materials?
We will return your home to its original condition. Therefore, we use the quality of materials, you had, and sometimes, of course, due to changes in the market you may receive better. As required by the building code.

Do you include every detail in the estimate?
Yes, we use very detailed, software estimating systems and meet or exceed the insurance companies' requirements.

Do you guarantee a date the project will be completed?
Although we would like to be able to do so, there are too many unforeseen obstacles in construction (most often weather-related) to guarantee a completion time or date. We completely understand that the work must progress as quickly as possible for our customers to be happy, and we are focused on that at all times. We keep you updated on the progress or delays, so you know what is going on with your project on a regular basis.

Can you tell me if my entire house needs to be rewired?

Yes, we can make an assessment, but the final decision would have to be made by a licensed electrician. We have licensed professionals we trust and would contact, to make this assessment.

Keystone Restorations goal is to “Be the Best, not the Biggest".